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A&M live show and signings

Posted by jooles34 on 2010.12.05 at 13:47
Hello again, *waves*

As promised/threatened yesterday, here is a
link to a write up I did in my journal, with a couple of piccies, from when I met Ben and Xander briefly after their show in November.

It's embarressing in its fangirlness to be honest, and there are naughty words. Just so you know.


My happy place!

Posted by jooles34 on 2010.12.04 at 20:17
*runs towards comm with arms outstretched*

How has it taken me so long to find you? An A&M comm? This is truely my happy place.

As way of saying thank you for the comm and the icons I have been happily snertching I thought I would bring fic featuring Biffy and Spud that I wrote for a fellow A&M fan.

I hope you like it, and I'll be back tom with more ramblings!

Isn't It Though


New Series

Posted by v2_schneider on 2010.11.04 at 23:44

I thought I'd share one of my favourite sketches from the first episode of the new series, just because it can't be watched too much. :)

Armstrong & Miller: wife's knickers
Posted by thieving_gypsy on 2010.10.25 at 20:48
Quote icons! I've only done a few from the first episode, I'll do them all eventually but if anyone's got particular requests I'll skip to them first :D

more!Collapse )

Me '87sal87'

The Tour is Underway!!!

Posted by 87sal87 on 2010.09.24 at 20:00
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Island In The Sun - Weezer

Yep, the tour started lastnight in Bristol! From what I've heard it's all going very well & a friend of mine went lastnight & she enjoyed it very much!
I will be seeing them 2 weeks tonight! I honestly cannot wait now & am getting really over-excited!! [& Getting a 'wahey' off Ben on the subject on Twitter only made it better! :D]

So, remember guys! A reminder to all of you whose going, to let us know all about your night & what you got upto!

I certainly will be! ;)

Me '87sal87'

Armstrong & Miller Tour Starts 23rd of September!

Posted by 87sal87 on 2010.09.15 at 11:46
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: My Vampire - Soho Dolls

In Bristol.
So I thought it'd be nice to revive this comm & ask people to share their experiences [spoilers under a cut please] & pictures, for the people who can't make it to the shows.

I'm going to see them in Manchester, on the 8th of October...not long now. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!11!!!! I'm over-excited, nervous, dying, freaked out, all of the normal stuff... ;)

So yes, please comment & let us know what show(s) you're going to & share any gossip once you've been! :D

Thanks guys...& here's to the tour! :D

Me '87sal87'

Apologies for the recent Hiatus...

Posted by 87sal87 on 2010.02.19 at 13:46
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Live It Up - Mental As Anything
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Sorry about the recent lack of posts my lovely Xander & Ben fan-darlin's. Those of you who are my friends over at my own journal will probably know why, those of you who don't, I can only apologise & say it definately because of matters beyond my control. 
In short = I've been quite ill. 
But I'm feeling much better now & want to resusitate this place. 


Please, anything you want, episodes, icons, pictures...anything! If I've got it, I'll put it up for you...or make it, whatever :) 
Oh & to the person wanting the out-takes off the DVD boxset, I'm sorry but it's copy protected & my dvd ripping software just won't do it & I'm not sure how to get around it to be honest, so I apologise for that too I'm afraid. 
But anything else you might be after, just let me know!

Cheers guys, hope none of you have jumped ship! 

stephen roman salute
Posted by vergil24 on 2009.12.14 at 20:34
OK, so it's only Ben-related, but still. Ben's on the Radio 4 science program (hosted by Brian Cox and Robin Ince), The Infinite Monkey Cage. It's up on the iPlayer for the next 7 days. On it, you can hear Ben having a cold and discussing the topics of physics and astrology. It's pretty interesting, and there's also a brief surprise visit for Ben. Here's a link: The Infinite Monkey Cage, should you be interested.

stephen roman salute

Armstrong & Miller interviews

Posted by vergil24 on 2009.12.13 at 01:32
Just came across a couple of print interviews, one with Ben, one with both.

There's this interview in the Independent where the boys discuss how they met, from each of their points of view. It really is quite lovely.

There's also this one with Ben from the Mirror. It's shorter, but Ben still manages to slip in a couple good quotes 'bout Alexander.

Oh, also, according to random twitterings (from Twitter), Xander was apparently quite and rather adorably drunk last night at the British Comedy awards (is that the right name?) while interviewed by ITV2. If anyone has a clip of that, this American would love to see it.

Cross-posted to doubleactslash, with some choice quotes highlighted by me, though the journal is members only. Sorry if this violates any comm rules.

Me '87sal87'

Download [Passion Killers ITV Drama 1999 - Ben]

Posted by 87sal87 on 2009.12.08 at 15:44
Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: We Close Our Eyes - Go West
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Not strictly Armstrong & Miller related but it's certainly Ben related so it doesn't matter, I thought you guys might appreciate this. :)
It's a drama from 1999 with Ben as one of the lead roles.
He plays a loser in love who accidently get's a job with a woman who exploits cheating husbands for money...sort of a love trap private detective. & In turn learns how to woo unsuspecting women himself, change his whole outlook on life & get back at his cheating ex-girlfriend.

It's very good & I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's quite light hearted & sweet... & Ben is amazing throughout. & He still has his blonde hair! eeee! xD ;P

Click the banner above to start the download.
Download uses Megaupload.
[hopefully it's stopped being a pain in the arse!]
File size: 474.87 MB

Enjoy guys & as always, if there is any problems, just let me know. Cheers! x

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